£5.95 Doz La Poem Ladies Maxi Briefs x 34 Dozen lots of Asst sizes and colours

£202.30 £242.76 (inc. VAT)

La Poem maxi brief is very similar to the well known brand, Sl@ggi.... except it is far better value!

Each dozen pack has 4 packs of 3 pair hangers. As this is a clearance line, we have mixed a selection of sizes and colours, thus resulting in a fantastic price!

The breakdown is 34 dozen and is roughly:

Nude/Skintone: 10/12 x 2, 14/16 x 8, 18/20 x 4

White: 14/16 x 8, 18/20 x 6

Black: 14/16 x 6

The price per dozen for this deal is only £5.95!  Around half the original trade price!